About Endless Smiles Photography


     Hi there! My name is Gabi, I'm the owner of Endless Smiles Photography. I love meeting new clients and watching their families grow. From capturing their first session as a newborn to watching them walk during their first birthday session then watching them giggle on Santa's lap and becoming a big brother or sister. There's really nothing like it.

Newborns are something I never thought I would be so attached to and love so much but they are my favorite sessions to photograph! There's something about capturing the first few moments of a baby that cannot be explained. They will never look like this again, even by next week they will look different. I take as much time as needed to complete each session as well as have a trained assistant with me at all times so your baby is as safe as can be.


 I love to capture candid reactions! The smile can be from something I say or maybe even something someone does in your session. I do like posing but do not always love the look of a posed portrait. They can come off looking stiff and unnatural, that's not you. I want to capture you as you are! Your personality, the dimples, the look you are giving your children as they giggle. Those are important memories to me that should be kept forever. I want you to be able to look through your album and smile without realizing you are smiling.

     I am a Full Service Photography Studio. What does that mean? That means I offer customized framing, albums, canvases, etc. Anything you could want for your walls or tables. If you want it, I will make it and it will be completely unique for you and your family. You might even be quoting Ariana Grande after, "I want it, I got it" and that's okay. I encourage it. Below are some examples of what I offer!


     I do offer digitals but I think it's so important to decorate our homes with portraits of our family. What's better: seeing your children on your walls or having to scroll through your phone to find the photo but realizing it somehow got deleted?