Endless Smiles Photography | 12 S. Haddon Ave | Haddonfield, NJ | 08033 | Johanna!

Photography Studio located at 12 S. Haddon Ave in Haddonfield, New Jersey. Meet Johanna! Deacon's younger sister (see previous blog about Deacon's First Birthday!). She is super sweet and loves to eat. I absolutely loooove her hair. Her mom loves a video I have on my Facebook page showing how I do the infamous "Froggy Pose". Not many people know, but this pose is a composite. It's typically both hands but Johanna wouldn't let me have her other hand so we did the pose one handed! I also added another editing video so everyone can see some editing that no one ever really sees! Enjoy :)

Froggy isn't always perfect, it isn't always possible either. Sometimes babies just don't want to do it! Which is fine, we will try but never force. We will just move on :)

As you can see, I need to be right above baby for shots like this! Hence my feet lol. I never worry about it because I know I can always edit them out. See a sped up process above! Trust me, you don't want to watch me do this in real-time. It's very boring. 😂

Here's some more from her session! So much cuteness.