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Endless Smiles Photography | 12 S. Haddon Ave | Haddonfield, NJ | 08033 | Newborn Poses

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Portrait studio located in Haddonfield, NJ 08033. What poses can you expect when you come to us for a newborn session? We will always try our very best to get as much of a variety as we can. But, when it comes down to it, baby will only let us do what they let us do. We will never force a pose! We will simply move along and come back to it, if baby lets us.

Let's start with the most popular pose: Froggy. Froggy is a composite. But what does that mean? It means we take two images and combine them into one. I take an image with my hands under baby's hands, supporting their head. Then my assistant puts her hands on the top of their head, supporting their head while I remove my hands and take that photo. I then merge them in photoshop! I do this pose with baby as one handed and holding something and with both hands under their chin, again if they let me!

Fallen. It's a combination of froggy and chin on hands, in my opinion. We keep their hands under their chin and curl them up. It seems to be the most common pose for babies to smile! I think it's because it reminds them of being in the womb.

Chin on Hands. It's exactly what it is, their chin on their hands! Believe it or not, baby is not naked in these photos. I just watch my angles when photographing and we tuck the diaper the best as we can. Occasionally we'll remove one side of the diaper but if it's not necessary we keep the diaper on! We also do this pose in buckets, drawers and on beds.

The Usual. We call it The Usual, any way. I think in the photography industry it's called the egg wrap but that's a slightly different variation. This pose is fairly simple but one of my all time favorites especially since we see their little toes. Sometimes we have to tuck their hands in or as I like to say - they've lost hand privileges lol.

Potato. Simple. Your baby will look like a Potato, or a blue berry, a cranberry, a ball or whatever circular object! We wrap them in a particular way to make sure their hands are propped under their chin so their airway is not compromised in any way. Their head is fully supported!

All other poses are done wrapped or requested! Like Bum-Up. We don't do it unless it is requested for obvious reasons - we have to take the diaper off. And let me tell you, we get peed, pooped and spit up on plenty even while the diaper is on!

Side Lying is a pose I only do if baby is being really, really good. If they are so sleepy they'll let me do all other poses without a problem, then I do side lying. Unless it is also requested, then I will do my best!

All other photos are taken on props or wrapped on my posing cot which is where I get my above shots. That's usually where I get to be most creative with colors and props! These are in addition to family and sibling poses. If you check out my portfolio, you'll see lots of examples of wrapped babies in props and on my cot! Hope you enjoyed this blog :)


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