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Endless Smiles Photography | 12 S. Haddon Ave | Haddonfield, NJ | 08033 | Rhys!

Photography studio located at 12 S Haddon ave in Haddonfield, NJ 08033. Rhys is one!!! Seems like just yesterday he was here for his newborn session. Of course, back then my studio was still in Pitman. What a weird and fast year it was! I'm so glad he came in for his first birthday! Rhys was not shy at all, from coming right up to me, dancing, shoveling cake into his mouth and splashing like there was no tomorrow.. He was definitely one of my favorite cake smashes. Also, can I say that I called from the beginning that green was his color?! Take a peek at his cake smash session and his newborn session (with my old logo) below!


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